With highest wear resistant, TRS, shock resistant and strong heat resistant.
Widely used in manufacturing any types of slitting saw, saw blades, glass cutters, planer knife and disc cut foot cutters.
Adopt spray granulation and low-voltage sinter technic and so on advanced technology, which ensured products with densification improved, intensity and hardness also increased dramatically.
Precision machining by the five axis CNC auto cutting centre.
With longest working life and highest security, highest stability, widely used in deburring, removing weld slag and so on metal rough machining.
Carbide Cutting tools
Carbide Solid Tools
Carbide Rotary Burrs
Carbide Mining Bit and Insert
Carbide Dies&Moulds
Carbide Wear Parts
China Powder Metallurgy Enterprise Ltd with import and export right and passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification set by the industry and trade in one of the professional manufacturer of cemented carbide. The company specializes in the researching & developing and manufacturing all of kinds of cemented carbide blanks and further processing producs. In the past few years with good quality, reasonable prices and knight service...
The carbide extrusion process
Carbide quality control-Coercive force
Carbide quality control-Cemented carbide
CPM“Building Complex carbide indexable cutter...
Carbide quality control-Magnetic saturation
Carbide quality control-Hardness
China to cut rare-earth export quota by 35%
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