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Chemical composition
物理力学性能Physical and mechanical properties
Density (g/cm3)
GT35Fe+Tic86.50 1450.00 6.43 
YGR45WC+CoNiCr81.50 2570.00 13.53 

Manufacturing hard alloy rolling rings involves the following steps:

Powder preparation and mixing: Tungsten carbide powder, cobalt, nickel, and lubricants are mixed together.

Pressing and forming: The mixed powder is pressed into the desired shape using high-pressure equipment.

Trimming and machining: The pressed rings are trimmed and machined to achieve the desired dimensions and groove shapes.

Sintering: The rings are sintered at high temperatures to bond the materials and increase hardness.

Grinding and finishing: The rings are ground and polished using diamond tools to enhance surface smoothness and precision.

When turning hard alloy rolling rings, consider the hardness and choose appropriate cutting tools like PCBN inserts or diamond tools.

For replicating and machining tungsten steel rolls and rings, grinding wheels or custom diamond tools can be used for shaping and finishing.

It's important to optimize the process based on specific requirements and equipment.

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